Hugo Boss to boost production and employment

Operating in the Aegean Free Zone in Izmir, the ready-made clothing company Hugo Boss will increase production capacity and employment with new investments in the country.

The firm will manufacture 500,000 units of crew-neck and polo t-shirts this year and 2 million units next year with new investments, according to Arif Kaya, Managing Director of Hugo Boss Tekstil Sanayi.

Hugo Boss will employ nearly 1,000 people by the end of the next year, he said.

“We will become a company that employs 4,500-4,600 people if we catch the estimated growth in sports products,” said Kaya. The company plans EUR 4m investment for the next year.

Hugo Boss’ production plant in Izmir has a 35% share by 3.5 million units in all product groups within the firm’s global structure. “We’ll increase the annual production capacity to 4.5 million units next year with the new investment and to 7 million in two years in the sportswear category and our share in global production will exceed 40%,” said Kaya.

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