GetirBuyuk to deliver from wet market to table


GetirBuyuk, on-demand market delivery service of Getir, has adopted the ‘Digital District Bazaar’ concept through which fresh vegetables and fruits will reach from wet market-to-table in maximum 36 hours.

Delivering more than 4,000 products to consumers at supermarket price with no additional cost, GetirBuyuk’s new service will be available in Istanbul as a start, according to Caglar Ergin, CEO of GetirBuyuk. “We deliver fresh products to all users in Istanbul with ‘digital district bazaars’ established in different regions of the city five days a week,” said Ergin.

Digital district bazaars will be available in three new cities by the end of April, while GetirBuyuk has reached nearly 80 warehouses in 15 provinces few months before its second anniversary. “The number of orders grew by 18-fold in the fruit-vegetable category, by 21-fold in the home-life category, by 27-fold in the ice cream category, by 17-fold in the pet category and by 19-fold in the technology category in the first quarter, compared to the same period of the previous year,” Ergin noted stressing that the number of total orders in GetirBuyuk rose by 15-fold in this period. “Digitalization among customers, which we expected to see in couple of years, has been realized in a few months along with the pandemic conditions,” said Ergin. “We’ve transformed into an application used by all age groups from an application used only by youth,” he added.

Tips to be doubled in Ramadan

“The discounted Ramadan food package with two different sizes and contents have taken place on the shelves of Getir and GetirBuyuk. Users will be able to order the packages for those in need to be sent to the Turkish Red Crescent,” said Ergin. The company donated 5,000 Ramadan packages to the Turkish Red Crescent by taking the first step.

Getir also is a company that cares couriers, according to Ergin. “We’ve started a contactless digital application for our couriers. We expect to double their tips during Ramadan. The digitally collected tips will be transferred into the couriers’ accounts during the Ramadan,” said Ergin.

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