Getir starts its operations in Amsterdam

The on-demand fast grocery delivery service Getir penetrated in Netherlands. Thus, the 10-minute delivery application has started its services in Amsterdam after London.

“Our first stop after London, where we warmly welcomed, has been Amsterdam in Europe, one of the most important trade centers,” said Tuncay Tutek, Founding Partner of Getir, in a statement by the company.  

The startup became a unicorn with a valuation of USD 2.6bn in 5.5 years.

“We’ve realized our dream to go international with Getir brand by starting to operate in London four months ago,” Tutek added.

Getir also plans to expand its operations in Europe by penetrating in Berlin and Paris soon. Getir was established in 2015 and currently operates in 10 cities at home, including Istanbul, Izmir and the capital Ankara with over 1,500 products.

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