Garanti BBVA’s data center receives sustainability certificate

Garanti BBVA has been entitled to receive the Tier IV Gold- Operational Sustainability Certificate by the U.S.-based Uptime Institute developing standards for sustainability of data centers.

Thus, the bank has become one of 16 data centers in the world which had received this certificate.

The Tier IV Gold Certificate also means that Garanti BBVA presents high commitment to quality and implementation in its data center, where it maintains critical tasks, while its digital infrastructure and operation culture directly supports the bank’s strategic business goals.

“The Operational Sustainability Certification process was a critical step of investments,” said Ilker Kuruoz, Executive Vice President of Engineering and Data of Garanti BBVA.

“We received return of our investments with this certificate which indicates the maturity of our data center’s technical infrastructure and has international validity,” Kuruoz added.

The bank is one of two banks in the country, which has received this certificate.

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