Game market expands to USD 1.2bn

The size of Turkey’s gaming sector grew to USD 1.2bn in 2021, according to the founder of Gaming in Turkey, an Istanbul-based gaming and esports agency.

“There are over 165 professional esports teams and 8,126 licensed esports players in Turkey,” Ozan Aydemir told Anadolu Agency.

The number of players in Turkey jumped from 30 million in 2018 to 42 million in 2021, nearly half of them – 47% – women, Aydemir stressed.

The gaming sector had a market share of USD 853m in 2018, USD 830m in 2019, and USD 880m in 2020, he said.

In 2021, Turkish game companies also attracted investments of USD 266m.

Shifting to a bigger picture, Aydemir said the size of the global gaming market reached USD 176bn in 2021, down USD 1bn due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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