Expectations for year-end USD/TL decreases to 7.79

Year-end inflation will be 11.23, according to the Expectations Survey by the Central Bank. This figure was 11.15 in the previous survey. 12-month CPI forecast, which was 10.53% in the previous survey, is 10.36%. The 24-month CPI forecast was 9.14% and 9.03% in the respective survey periods.

The current year-end USD/TL forecast decreased from 8.09 to 7.79 in the most recent survey. 12-month forecast for the exchange rate decreased to 7.94 compared to the 8.16 expectation in the previous survey.

Expectation for GDP growth in 2021 increased from 3.9% to 4.1% in this survey period. Expected GDP growth for 2022 stood at 4.3% in both surveys.

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