Eskisehir Organized Industrial Zone (EOIZ) aims to attract more companies producing high-tech products after implementing a new operations model, according to Nadir Kupeli, EOIZ’s President of the Board. The model will reduce some burden for investors, provide opportunities specific to them and an create n environment for investors to help them invest in the First Development Area. “We also provide free consultancy for investment incentives and deliver land to investors, from 10,000 square meters to 300,000 square meters, with ready infrastructure within a day,” said Kupeli. EOIZ is the second largest Organized Industrial Zone in Turkey with a total area of 31.1 million square meters, 20 million square meters of which have already been allocated to investors. 669 industrial facilities are located in this area, 563 of which are active and the remainder either under construction or at the project phase. The total area of EOIZ’s new extension in Imisehir is 4,840,000 square meters, of which 1,218,000 square meters have been allocated to 60 new investors to date. Talks continue with companies planning to make large scale investments in this area, especially in high-tech.

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