Eksim Holding steps in food retailing with Asli Borek

Eksim Holding, owner of the country’s first packaged flour brand Sinangil, acquired the patisserie chain Asli Borek. Thus, the holding penetrated in the food retailing industry.

Eksun Gida, the flagship of Eksim Holding in the food sector, has acquired 100% of share in the patisserie chain Asli Borek.

“We’ve included Asli Borek among Eksun Gida’s brands, which has a modern indoor production facility on an area of 15,000 square meters in Istanbul, over 300 employees, and more than 70 stores across the country including Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Izmit, Mersin and Bolu,” said Ahmet Demir, Head of Eksun Gida Group.

Demir also stated that Asli Borek will continue to export traditional Turkish tastes to notably Europe, China, the U.S., and the Arabian Peninsula with corporate management understanding and the vision of Eksun Gida.

To increase turnover to TRY 1.5bn

The company aims to increase its turnover to TR 1.5bn in 2021 from TRY 1.1bn in 2020, Demir said. The company currently has 150 different products from whole wheat flour to expert flour, from industrial types to retail flour.

Eksun Gida will take place in kitchens with the packaged flour brand Sinangil, while it operates in the industrial flour sector with its Eksun and Altinapa brands.

Being among the top 500 companies in the country in the food industry, according to the Istanbul Chamber of Industry, Eksun Gida has penetrated in the food retailing sector by acquiring Asli Borek which has nearly 100 products including feta cheese filled pastry, and different pastry products, bakery products, milk and syrup deserts, stuffed grape leaves, manti and cakes and over 80 branches. 

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