E-Garaj provides special services to Tesla

E-Garaj, the first company to offer maintenance and technical support to electric cars, is Tesla’s special service provider in Turkey and deals with all of its software issues, according to E-Garaj co-founder, Emir Tuncyurek. Customers are coming from nearby countries for Tesla services. The company started operations in 2018 and offers services to electric cars with over 30 employees in an area of 1,200 square meters.

Maintenance of 400 electric cars

Underlining their status as the first and only maintenance and service provider to electric cars, Tuncyurek reported they provide maintenance services to over 400 electric cars per year. Tuncyurek commented on possible malfunctions and maintenance issues in electric cars. “Since electric cars’ mechanical axiom is almost none, there are mostly software or electrical malfunctions and these can be easily solved. The probability of a battery malfunction is low. The vehicle has to be used extremely poorly and that is unlikely. We usually do minor checks. In respect to this, the service has a cost advantage,” he said.

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