The Dubai-based DP World’s subsidiary P&O Maritime Logistics has launched a new container and breakbulk line between the Caspian Sea and DP World’s Yarimca port in Izmit. The first trial voyage on the Marmara-Caspian line to directly link the Central Asia with Turkey has been completed. Regular container-based shipping will now be available between Turkish, Russian and the Central Asian markets for the first time and problems regarding transit permits and truck queues will be solved. “With this solution, we can reduce carbon emissions by 17% or 0.5 tonnes per container while customers can on average save 10-20% on shipping costs compared to truck transportation,” said Martin Helweg, CEO of P&O Maritime Logistics. The new route also aims to increase trade with Central Asia by offering cheaper transportation services in door-to-door deliveries. Industrial machinery, construction materials, marble, textile products, cosmetics and home appliances will be the primary goods carried by P&O Maritime Logistics’ Modular Capture Vessel. Moreover, the company will provide services for breakbulk and project cargos.

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