DOF Robotics to be included in Turquality

DOF Robotics prepares to become one of companies supported by the Turquality program. The company, which has completed preparations for the state-backed bran support program Turquality, is waiting for its application to be finalized.

Extending the product range towards the entertainment industry with autonomous technologies developed for health and logistics sectors, DOF Robotics exports value- added products and technologies to more than 80 countries with its businesses in the U.S. Accordingly, 95% of exports generate the company’s overall trade volume.

“As a technology company, we operate with the principle to increase our country’s brand value and to represent our country successfully in the world,” said Mustafa Mertcan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of DOF Robotics.

Founded in 2006 in Turkey, DOF Robotics’ attractions are being used in more than 56 countries worldwide.

“Supports to be provided within the scope of the Turquality program, will create an important resource. Thus, there will be nowhere in the world that DOF Robotics brand do not exist,” said Mertcan stressing that DOF Robotics has conducted operations included in definition and scope of the program.

Marketing and promotion activities are the second most expensive budget item of the company after manufacturing and R&D, according to Mertcan. “Turquality provides substantial supports for companies which aims to increase investments particularly in marketing and promotion, within the scope of the program,” he added.

Export unit value reaches USD 50

The export unit value of machinery manufactured by DOF Robotics has reached USD 50 per kilogram, according to Mertcan. “Products of DOF Robotics have never consisted of pile of iron by the support of their embedded software since we established,” Mertcan said, emphasizing that unit value of the country’s machinery export stands at USD 5.7 per kilogram in line with the recent data.   

“It’s a fact that we owe a good part of financial value of our products to software we have developed. However, the brand value of DOF Robotics is the main source that we reached nearly 10-fold of the country’s average in terms of export unit price per kilogram,” Mertcan added.

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