Borda establishes joint company with Swedish Texi


Providing operational efficiency and service quality by offering Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for hospitals, Borda Teknoloji has got into partnership with the Sweden-based Texi AB Group’s subsidiary Texi under the ‘BordaTex’ brand. The joint venture will raise awareness by using the data on operational processes in hospitals while it will also offer in hospital process management, baby safety, inventory management and job request processes.

“The joint venture founded by Borda Teknoloji and Texi gives Scandinavia an opportunity to become a leader in IoT in the healthcare sector,” said Anders Bergfeldt, CEO of BordaTex.

Texi AB Group offers textile solutions in the healthcare industry in Sweden. Although founded in 1994 in Sweden, the Norway-based De Forenede Dampvaskerier (DFD) owns the company. Operating in the laundry industry with its chain, DFD nearly employs 3,000 people.

Founded in 2007 by two brothers Akin and Ahmet Erdem Altunbas, Borda Teknoloji has offices in Istanbul and Izmir at home and the U.S. and Russia abroad. The company carries out operational processes of 20,000 hospital with a total 230,000 bed capacity. Borda Teknoloji increases the efficiency of operating rooms by reducing 32% of patients’ waiting time in operating rooms through its products while it also prevents financial losses of hospitals by prohibiting unauthorized inventory removal out of hospitals. The company nearly employs 100 people while it actively operates at about 50 hospitals. Penetrated in Romania in 2018, Borda Teknoloji achieved to grow 9-fold in the country.  

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