Bella Maison to launch 40 stores in six countries


Home and lifestyle company Bella Maison will open 40 stores in six countries, according to Muhammed Tan, CEO of Bella Maison.

“We’ve inked a deal for 40 stores in six countries. We’ll launch 15 stores in Dubai, Algeria, Libya, Uzbekistan, Iraq, and Algeria this year. We are holding talks with Qatar, Jordan, and Kuwait. We also plan to open stores in France and Spain,” said Tan.

The company currently has 13 stores at home and five stores abroad, including four stores in Algeria and one store in Uzbekistan.

“We’ve focused on the foreign markets as of the second half of 2021,” said Tan. The firm also plans to launch house decoration concept stores in Europe.

“As part of this goal, we set up an office and logistics hub in Germany. We’ll raise the number of countries we operate in in Europe,” said Tan. The company’s products are sold at the U.S. and Japanese e-commerce platforms Rakuten and Yahoo, respectively. 

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