American Podean enters Turkish e-commerce market

The U.S.-based e-commerce marketing consultancy company Podean Marketplace Marketing (Podean) launched its Turkey office. The firm, which is the official partner of the U.S.-based multinational e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence company, Inc. on six continents, plans to grow brands on Amazon. “Podean will help brands to grow in Turkey with over 10,000 data points and the ability to dissect responses and behavior by demographics and geography,” said Mark Power, Founder of Podean, in a press release.

Podean’s Turkey office, which will also locally complement its offices in North America, South America, the UK, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East, will support local Turkish brands across all aspects of driving success on Amazon including setting up, content optimization, retail operations, analytics, and advertising. “With over 80 million people in Turkey and rapidly growing e-commerce, we can make a substantial impact for brands to raise their e-commerce sales. We’ll also help Turkish brands expand into global markets including the U.S. and the UK,” Travis Johnson, Global CEO of Podean noted.

Moreover, Podean will offer different options for brands in Turkey that demand retail and context expertise in addition to advertising, according to Adam Woolcock, Regional Managing Director of MENAT at Podean. “We have a team on the ground with local knowledge and insight, that will be supported by our global specialists, global expertise, and global tools and technology that have not been previously available for brands in Turkey,” Woolcock added.

In parallel to the work to launch the Turkey office, Podean has conducted a survey to understand all aspects of the Turkish e-commerce market and local consumer behavior to develop critical strategies in the country. The survey has also examined interest in live streams and purchases from them.

Here are the key findings of the survey:

>> 81.69% of respondents shop online because of the prices, while 65.9% utilize online shopping due to ease of finding products that they like. 62.0% of participants, meanwhile, named the broad product range as the main reason for online shopping.

>> One-third of people shop 1-2 times per week, and 9% of them shop daily, according to the survey. Over 55.0% shop online weekly or more often in total.

>> Women aged between 25 and 34 are the biggest shoppers. 12.9% of them shop daily, and 60% of them shop weekly or more often.

>> 35.8% of shoppers spend TRY 300-800 per transaction, while 20.3% of them spend TRY 800-1,500 and 14.5% spend TRY 1,500-4,000. Meanwhile, 25% of women aged between 25 and 34, spend more than TRY 1,500 per transaction.

>> The most purchased categories were clothing/footwear with a share of 71.2%, followed by beauty with 47.3%, food at 42.3%, and electronics at 40.5%.

>> 37.9% of participants watch live streams many times per week, and 24.5% watch at least once per week.

>> Women aged between 35 and 54, meanwhile, were the strongest viewers with 65.2% watching weekly or more often.

>> 47% of survey participants said they had bought a product as a result of watching a live stream. 9.0% of them said they haven’t bought a product yet but likely would. However, 62.3% of women aged 18-24 had purchased a product after a stream.

>> 51.4% of participants stated that they would look to buy clothing/footwear via a live stream, 46.0% of them said they would buy electronics and 40.8% of them emphasized beauty/personal care products. 

Trendyol leads; Amazon promises hope in all aspects

The survey carried out by Podean Marketplace Marketing showed that 87% of respondents have shopped online at least once with Trendyol. The e-commerce giant was followed by Hepsiburada at 71%, Amazon at 47%, n11 at 38%, Ciceksepeti at 36%, and Gittigidiyor at 34%. It was also the strongest platform among women aged 25-34, where 95% have shopped. Amazon, meanwhile, made the cut as the top visited platform among males aged 25-34 with a 53% share. In terms of respondents’ intention to spend on Amazon, 24.2% said they expect it to increase 25% over the next year, 16.2% said it would increase 25-50%, and 9.5% said it would double or more. Regarding the online video streaming platforms, the most popular platforms were YouTube Live where 67% of people have used it, Instagram Live where 49.7% have used it Twitch owned by Amazon with a 38.1% share. 41.6% of survey participants said they have Amazon Prime. The main reason for subscribing is free movies (76% said they loved this benefit), 48% special offers and 44.6% cited free music.

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