Kilit Hospitality Group has implemented the Pet Hotel project in its three Nirvana hotels located in Antalya, according to Tolga Kilit, Member of the Board of Directors of Kilit Hospitality Group. The company has built Luxy Pet Hotels at Nirvana Dolce Vita in Tekirova, Nirvana ME in Beldibi and Nirvana Cosmopolitan in Lara while it has also started to develop projects for other hotels. “We consider this project a belated service to people and four-legged friends,” said Kilit. The Pet Hotel project will also be implemented in all hotels of its Crystal brand over time. Guests with no pets will not be adversely affected as the pet hotels are located far from accommodation and social areas. All hygienic controls and implementations are performed under the supervision of vets. “Our guests can take a walk with their pets by putting harness on them on specified hiking trails at the facilities,” said Kilit.

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