Ahlatci Holding’s energy subsidiary to be listed in Q3


Ahlatci Holding, which operates in the gold, energy, health, finance, automotive, and real estate sectors, will merge its energy subsidiaries Enerya AS and Cedas Group under a single roof and will make it public on the Borsa Istanbul stock exchange in the third quarter (Q3) of the year, according to Ahmet Ahlatci, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ahlatci Holding. 

The holding company, which is the sole owner of Enerya AS and a partner in Cedas Group, has started preparations for the initial public offering (IPO). 

“Cedas Group serves 44 different locations with 400 employees in order to meet the natural gas consumption needs of 1.25 million people,” Ahlatci said. The company has a distribution area that represents 6.4% of the market share on a provincial basis.

“Our holding company incorporated Enerya AS, which has a natural gas distribution license in 10 cities valid for 30 years, in February 2021. The company has over 1.4 million subscribers,” he added.  

With this move, Ahlatci Holding raised its market share to 23% and its network length to 19,963 kilometers with its energy subsidiaries, Cedas Group and Enerya AS. 

“Enerya Enerji is the second most widespread private natural gas distribution company in the country. We’ve increased the number of cities where we distribute energy to 15 with the incorporation of Enerya Enerji,” Ahlatci said. 

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