57 million people choose airlines in Jan-Jun

The number of air passengers in the country in the first seven months of 2021 — including transit passengers — totaled nearly 57.4 million, according to the General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMI).

This January-July, the country’s airports served over 33.7 million domestic and almost 23.6 million international passengers, said figures from the DHMI.

Airports in the country served 708,827 planes, including overflights. Air cargo traffic registered at around 1.7 million tons, according to the official figures.

Istanbul Airport and Istanbul Ataturk Airport — both in the country’s largest city by population — saw a total of 155,162 aircraft this January-July.

Istanbul Airport, which has become a major international hub, served over 16.4 million passengers during the period.

In July alone, the number of air passengers in the country totaled over 17.1 million, with more than 8.7 million domestic and some 8.4 million international passengers.

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