Zorlu starts solar panel manufacturing


Zorlu Holding’s energy subsidiary Zorlu Energy Group has begun solar panel production with the ZES brand, according to Evren Evcit, Vice General Manager of International Investments of Zorlu Energy Group.

Instead of building a manufacturing plant, Zorlu Enerji will work with accredited factories whose manufacturing standards and quality are set by the company. “We’ll give production orders to existing facilities in Turkey. We’ve started with two production plants,” said Evren Evcit. 

The company, which has already received orders corresponding to one-third of their total manufacturing capacity for 2022, is preparing to ink a production deal with two more factories this year – demand has exceeded their expectations. “Although we thought we would reach 150 megawatts of manufacturing for 2022, we’ll probably double that figure within the year,” Evcit added. 

Beyond the domestic market, Zorlu Enerji aims to export to the developed markets including the U.S., as well as the surrounding regions such as Eastern Europe and Gulf countries towards the end of 2022. “We continue to work towards UL certification, which will indicate the compliance of our products with U.S. and European standards,” Evcit noted. 

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