What matters on Monday, December 27

We are entering a calmer week compared to the abnormal mobility of last week. Although the agenda was not too busy in terms of economic data, we have passed through an unprecedented period in terms of mobility in the markets.

Foreign exchange (FX) intervention, FX protected TRY deposits, and a nearly 40% fall in FX rates filled the agenda.

The Central Bank (TCMB) has been reducing the policy rate since September 23. The policy rate fell from 19% to 14%. Despite the 5-point reduction, the deposit rate decreased by 2.5 points, according to the TCMB data released on December 17. Housing loan rates decreased by 0.6 points and commercial loan rates by 0.7 points. Consumer and vehicle loan interest rates increased by two and 1.1 points, respectively.

On the other hand, the government bond rates have increased by 3-4 points depending on their maturity. Official data for the last week, in which there was a sudden decrease in FX rates, has not been released yet. However, many banks began to increase deposit rates. There are deposit interest rate offers with a maturity of 32 days, reaching 21%. In other words, we do not see harmony between the market rate and the policy rate yet.

This week, we will see that the volatility will continue albeit at a smaller pace. The data calendar this week includes sectoral confidence, real sector confidence, and economic confidence indices. In general, it is difficult to expect upward mobility in these. No major developments are expected abroad due to the Christmas holiday. We conclude 2021 with this data. Hopefully, 2022 brings a better economic environment.


The seasonally adjusted confidence index dropped by 0.5% in the services sector, 0.4% in the retail trade sector and 3.9% in the construction sector in December, as compared to November, according to the Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat).

The Real Sector Confidence Index dropped by 2.3 points to 106.1 in December, compared to the previous month, according to the Central Bank.

The capacity utilization rate of the manufacturing industry rose by 0.6 points to 78.7 in December, month over month, according to the Central Bank.


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