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Who wins in Nagorno-Karabakh?

The end of hostilities marks a potentially historic moment in the decades-old conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. If the peace agreement holds, the major players in the region will all, to one degree or another, have achieved their goals, and what appears to be a loss suffered by the Armenians may translate into a win...


Russia’s unravelling

Russia faces escalating crises that may look manageable individually, but in the aggregate, represent an existential threat to the future of Vladimir Putin’s regime. At the same time, Russia’s woes could offer Turkey some opportunities. But is the AK Party in a position to take advantage? Adnan R, Khan: Could you briefly explain the challenges...


The Return of Empire?

As old political structures show signs of weakening, the world order as we know it is changing. Traditional powers, the former colonial juggernauts like Britain and France, and to some degree the U.S., are witnessing a waning of their influence around the world. New forces are rising, but are they, like their predecessors, exhibiting imperial...


Intrigue in Syria

Strange things are afoot in northern Syria. According to U.S. media reports, a previously unknown U.S. oil company with no exploration experience but deep connections in the U.S. military, has somehow secured a deal with Kurdish authorities who control the region with American backing, to begin drilling and refining operations in the oil-rich Deir Ez-zor...


The geopolitics of energy

Something is amiss in the recent flare up between Armenia and Azerbaijan. The two have, of course tangled before but the skirmishes which began on July 12 and have continued off and on since mark a departure from the usual tensions over the Nagorno-Karabakh region. Our chief political scientist suggests an answer to what is...


When means and ends don’t meet

It’s a dizzying geopolitical landscape: Relations with Russia are deteriorating but relations with the U.S. appear to be on the mend. A few short months ago it was the reverse – it seemed like the Russians were Turkey’s friend and the Americans its enemy. Globally, geopolitical seas are roiling and while it sometimes seems like...