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The decree trap

Last week the presidency of Joseph R. Biden began in the U.S with a flurry of executive orders. America has never before witnessed such a robust exercise of presidential power: in a single day, 17 executive orders ranging from the environment to immigration. The previous record was one. Increasingly, as American politics descends deeper into...


Making sense of America

To put it diplomatically, the Trump administration, from the day it took office, has been unusual. No less so the transfer of power, if we can call it that. Since the presidential election was called in Joe Biden’s favor, Trump and his cohorts have acted in ways more akin to a dictatorship, refusing to concede...


In the U.S., a successful election but little solace

The U.S. elections may be over but the political turmoil that has roiled the world’s most powerful nation are really only beginning. For many observers, regardless of who won, the fact that the results were so close, dragging on for days, was the worst possible outcome. The uncertainty and instability will no doubt be felt...


Russia’s unravelling

Russia faces escalating crises that may look manageable individually, but in the aggregate, represent an existential threat to the future of Vladimir Putin’s regime. At the same time, Russia’s woes could offer Turkey some opportunities. But is the AK Party in a position to take advantage? Adnan R, Khan: Could you briefly explain the challenges...


Should Turkey worry about a Biden presidency?

If there’s one thing that needs little emphasis, it is that when a senior U.S. politician says something, the world generally listens and reacts. This was again demonstrated last week after a leaked video appeared to show Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden calling for the ouster of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Turkish media and...


Who is better for Turkey: Trump or Biden?

For Donald Trump, the past couple of weeks have proven a statistical nightmare. By virtually every measure, he is destined to lose the presidential election scheduled for November. In Turkey, the dire projections have elicited some handwringing among those who believe losing Trump as an ally will hurt Turkey’s interests. They point to evidence from...