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Employers’ challenge on tracking vaccination status of employees

BY DR. UMUT KOLCUOGLU AND BURCU CINAR COVID-19 has had perhaps the greatest impact on businesses and their working dynamics. Consequently, ensuring occupational health and safety in the workplace has become a priority. Employers’ obligation to ensure occupational health and safety in the workplace includes updating their occupational health and safety measures to be in...


One year of e-hearings in Turkey

BY DR. UMUT KOLCUOGLU AND CIHAN MERCAN In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual hearings have been the hot topic for the litigation community throughout the world. The Turkish litigation community is no exception. Even though the history of virtual hearings in Turkey goes back to before the pandemic, the first virtual hearing in...


Exemption requirements in exclusive distributorship contracts

BY DUYGU BOZKURT KADIRHAN, ISILAY ISIK In commercial life, the relationship between a business and its costumers depends on the ability of a business to operate freely and maintain its presence in the market without unfair practices. Key to this is creating an environment of fair competition. The legal basis for fair competition is the...


Energy transition: A spirit phone call to the future

BY NIGAR GOKMEN Regardless of the continents or regions in which we live, we all feel and see in our everyday lives that climate change is real. It is not the iceberg melting in faraway poles; it is floods and fires in our very own cities. If we do not act soon, there is no...


Can employers require PCR tests from unvaccinated employees?

BY OZGUR GUNER, EYLUL BENGISU GUMUS, HANDE SOLAK, BURAK BATI The announcement of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security on Covid-19 measures at workplaces was published on the website of the Ministry on September 3, 2021. In the announcement, employers are required to inform their employees who are not fully vaccinated with Covid-19 vaccine,...