Hepsiburada hits USD 4.6bn value


The e-commerce platform Hepsiburada has reached USD 4.6bn value after the company started to be traded at the U.S. stock exchange NASDAQ.

Hepsiburada has started to be listed on NASDAQ as of July 1. The company’s 56.7 million B class stocks were priced at USD 12 and Hepsiburada was valued at USD 3.9bn on the first trading day. The e-commence platform’s value increased by USD 700m from USD 3.9bn to USD 4.6bn in two days on July 1-2.

The price of Hepsiburada also rose from USD 12 to USD 14.07 per share after the 2-day performance at the close on July 2. Thus, Hepsiburada’s premium rose by 17% in two days.

Hepsiburada showed a growth performance above the overall stock market. The NASDAQ Composite Index, which stood at 14.493,69 on July 1, could rise by 1.4% to 14.639,33 in two days.

Hepsiburada earned USD 500m with initial public offering on July 1, according to Murat Emirdag, CEO of Hepsiburada.

Founder and Chairwoman of Hepsiburada Hanzade Dogan Boyner said they will expand abroad and are interested in the Middle East, North Africa, Balkan peninsula, and some Eastern European countries.

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