A crisis-hit multipolar world

The world has experienced severe security concerns in the post-9/11 era. States have become unprecedentedly prone to imminent existential challenges. The proliferation of global crises, including terrorism, migration, the worldwide financial crisis, climate change, cyber conflicts and the rapidly expanding role of non-state actors, has accelerated the global transition to a multipolar world. The outbreak...


Afghan knot in Central Asia

The end of America’s geopolitical dominance in Afghanistan brings to mind the metaphor of Stephan Jay Gould’s “time’s arrow, time’s cycle” (metaphor1987). Bearing in mind that the there is still disagreement over whether Considering the dichotomy whether the international political history resembles a cycle or an arrow, one may assume that Afghanistan does appear to...


The broken silence between Turkey and France

Turkey and France have had a somewhat adversarial relationship in recent history, and even more so in recent years. In general, they have enjoyed relatively good relations on the economic and trade fronts, even though France has always been opposed to Turkey’s accession to the EU. And yet, the negotiations for full membership came to...


Turkey–U.S. 2021: A no-win relationship

Turkey-U.S. relations have gradually progressed to low point after cycling through different stages within the last decade. Despite a “positive and productive” NATO gathering in Brussels on June 14, no dramatic change with the Biden administration is foreseen for the time being due to deepening fragility and lack of mutual trust caused by divergent political...


The Cyprus dilemma: New geopolitical realities

For more than fifty years, the world has witnessed a long-running political deadlock over Cyprus. To date, a large part of the international community – specifically Turkish Cypriots, Greek Cypriots, Turkey, Greece, the UK, the UN, the EU and the U.S. – has been engaged in the process of settlement talks over the de facto...


U.S. puzzling bid on Iran Nuclear Deal

It has been 20 years since Iran’s interest in nuclear technology began to surface as a topic of international concern. Allegations that its uranium enrichment program was aimed at developing nuclear weapons and its failure to fully cooperate with International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors deepened ongoing tensions between Tehran and Washington. Following Joe Biden’s...