Reform package to be launched in February

Reform package to be launched in February

The Human Rights Action Plan (HRAP), part of the AK Party-led reforms to Turkey’s economy and justice system, is expected to be included in judicial reforms slated to be launched in February. the The economic and judicial reforms were discussed last week at the AK Party Central Executive Committee’s (MYK) meeting. Feedback from the field regarding previous reforms have been carefully evaluated members of the judiciary and lawyers, according to Omer Celik, spokesperson of the AK Party, including assessments of accelerated trial procedures, petty sessions and e-trials, their functioning, citizen and assessments of their functioning.

Half of the judicial reform process for the period of 2019-2023 has been completed, with the HRAP the most fully fleshed out and nearly ready launch. “All these are being evaluated by the MYK. There are matters supported and criticized by our colleagues,” said Celik.

Other meetings are likely to be held to further considering these matters. “However, work is being carried out in an expeditious manner. The HRAP will be launched by President Erdogan as soon as the the works and the evaluations are completed,” said the AK Party’s spokesperson. Administrative and legislative regulations will be introduced following the HRAP’s announcement.

The roadmap of judicialry regulations will be based on the Judicial Reform Strategy Document to a large extent. Accordingly, reforms won’t remain limited to legal amendments. The steps for implementation with administrative regulations will be taken.


Meanwhile, reforms tofor the economy continue to be evaluated by the MYK, according to Celik. The reform package will be shaped within the frame of demands from the business world and economic experts as a result of consecutive meetings made with Treasury and Finance Minister Lutfi Elvan and Justice Minister Abdulhamit Gul. The regulations to improve the investment environment and to build an environment of trust that will accelerate foreign capital inflows will form the frame of the reform package. In this sense, the steps will be taken in order to consolidate property rights and to expand the freedom of the contract.

Within the scope of improving the investment environment, investment authorization processes will be shortened, resolution of commercial disputes will be carried out extensivelyby arbitration and mediation instead of lawsuits and new courts will be established in areas requiring specialization, such as environment, reconstruction and energy. A framework law for investment is expected to be introduced in order to accelerate the authorization processes of private sector investments. Moreover, the amendment of the Code of •bligations, reconsideration of regulatory and supervisory authorities’ structures and revision of attachment conditions are within the scope of the reforms.

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