MW100 specifies top 100 electricity generation giants

The energy news platform Enerji Gunlugu and international consultancy company Kearney, have released their annual Largest Electricity Generation Companies report. The MW100- 2021 report, based on the Energy Market Regulatory Authority’s (EPDK) data from December 31, 2020, was launched at an online meeting bringing together the major players in the sector.


The state-owned Electricity Generation Company (EUAS), with installed power totaling 20,981 MWe (megawatts electric), representing 22% of Turkey’s total 95,890 MWe installed generation capacity, was ranked first on the MW100-2021 list. EUAS was followed by ENKA Insaat Sanayi AS (ENKA) with an installed power of 3,830 MWe.


Sabanci Holding and German E.ON’s joint venture Enerjisa Uretim was ranked the third largest electricity generation company in the MW100 research, with an installed capacity of 3,608 MWe. Enerjisa also stands out as having the most diverse and balanced resource distribution among the top three companies with 1,583 MWe of natural gas, 450 MWe of domestic coal, 1,353 MWe of hydroelectric and 211 MWe of wind farm in its generation portfolio.


Eren Enerji took 4th place with an installed power of 2,818 MWe on the MW100 list followed by Celikler Holding with an installed capacity of 2,737 MWe. Keeping their places in the top 10 were Cengiz Enerji, ranked 6th with 2,715 MW followed by Limak Enerji at 2,576 MW, Aydem Enerji at 1,964 MW, ICDAS Celik Enerji Tersane ve Ulasim Sanayi AS (ICDAS) at 1,669 MW and Bilgin Enerji at 1,577 MW. Limak Enerji boasted the biggest increase in installed capacity among its rivals. The total installed power of the electricity giants listed in the report reached 79,420 MWe. Making up 83% of the Turkey’s total installed generation capacity.


In terms of resource-based distribution, hydroelectric and natural gas took center stage with installed generation capacity of 26,439 MWe for hydroelectric and 23,561 MWe for natural gas, followed by coal with an installed power of 19,510 MWe. MW100 companies have installed capacity of 12,241 MWe in domestic coal and 7,192 MWe in imported coal. The rapidly growing renewable energy resource, wind, in which major investments have been made in recent years, follows coal with an installed power of 7,417 MWe.


Nine new companies entered the MW100 list this year. All of them attract interest because of their strong portfolio in renewable energy resources. 80% of the new companies have only invested in renewables. Catching the attention with investments made in hydroelectric power plants, Energo-Pro has entered the list at 60th place.

Total installed power rose by 5%

The country’s installed power generation increased nearly by 5% to 96,000 MW in 2020 despite the pandemic, according to the MW100 2021 report. Moreover, annual electricity consumption increased in total compared to 2019, despite a sharp fall in April and May, exceeding 305bn kilowatt hours. The share of geothermal, solar and wind energy in the total electricity generation mix increased from 13% to 15% within a year with the impact of increased installed power through government incentives. However, the share of hydroelectric power plants decreased compared to 2020, especially with the adverse impact of drought between October-December.

Sustainability driven energy management: Kearney

The power generation industry in Turkey has demonstrated to the world once again its financial and technical robustness by increasing total capacity by 5% despite the pandemic, according to Onur Okutur, Managing Partner of Kearney Turkey. “95% of the capacity increase in the electricity sector has been provided by renewables. Thus, the share of renewable resources in total capacity has reached 51.5%,” he said. “Turkey overtook many developed economies in the world with a renewable energy generation share of 43% in 2020 and showed once again that environmental and sustainability driven energy management remains a key focus for Turkey.”

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