CHP and IYI Party shut the door on MHP’s constitution proposal

THE NATIONALIST MOVEMENT PARTY (MHP) LEADER DEVLET BAHCELI announced a new constitution proposal consisting of 100 articles for the 100th anniversary of the Republic. “Reconciliation and preparation of a new constitution is a national obligation,” Bahceli said, calling on political parties to support the new constitution. The draft constitution will be submitted first to the President then to the other political parties and will finally be opened for public debate in line with the ‘principle of transparency’.

The first statement regarding Bahceli’s new constitution proposal came from the AK Party’s Parliamentary Group Chairman Naci Bostanci. “We welcome Bahceli’s new constitutional proposal. •ur preparation process is also near completion and will be sharing it with the public along with details after the Ramadan holiday,” he said. The Republican People’s Party (CHP) and IYI Party interpreted Bahceli’s statement as an “effort to change the agenda”. They also stated that they won’t participate in a constitutional process which will strengthen the current system.


The “form and characteristics of the state,” , which isare defined in the first five articles of the current constitution, were kept as it isthey are and defined in the first article of MHP’s constitutional amendment proposal. The provision that the this article “may not be amended, nor its amendment be proposed” was regulated in the last paragraph of the article.

Here is the constitutional amendment proposal announced by MHP Leader Bahceli in brief:
• ‘Fundamental Rights and Duties’ were regulated in the second section of the constitution. ‘General Provisions’ set the common regime toward all rights are included in the first chapter, while fundamental rights and freedoms are aimed to be secured in the widest manner with the ‘Rights and Freedoms’ title in the second chapter.
• The “Fundamental organs of the Republic” are regulated under the titles of the legislative power, the executive power, and the judicial power in three chapters in the third section of the constitution. Ensuring ‘the national solidarity’ for the legislative power, the ‘institutionalized presidential system’ for the executive power and ‘independent and impartial structuring ’ were featured in this section.


The Parliament Speaker is assigned the function to mediate solutions for political crises and to ensure national reconciliation in order to strengthen the mission of ensuring the ‘national solidarity’, which existed in the founding philosophy of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM) for 100 years.

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